Friendly workplace

  1. Diversity, tolerance and equal opportunities:
        The language, attitudes and behaviors that do not have any differential treatment due to personal gender, race, class, age, marriage, language, thought, religion, party, place of birth, birthplace, appearance,facial features, physical and mental disabilities, etc., work together to create a working environment that is dignified, safe, equal, free from discrimination and harassment.
  2. Prohibition of forced and compulsory labor
        Respect the wishes of employees and prohibit forced labor.
  3. Prohibition of child labor
        Employment standards comply with local minimum age restrictions.
  4. Reasonable salary and working conditions
        Provide employees with reasonable salary and related welfare conditions in accordance with laws and regulations.
  5. Healthy and Safe Workplace
        Construct a safe and hygienic working environment, jointly reduce workplace safety and health risks, promote physical and mental health of employees, and achieve work- life balance.
  6. Annual employee health check on harmonious labor-management relations.
        Provide diversified and open communication channels, hold regular labor-management meetings, and strive to promote harmony between labor and management, create a good labor-management relationship, and effectively mediate differences in opinions.