Combined P-type & N-type BiTe chips with two AlN DPC substrates into thermoelectric module as an efficiency cooling device for portable ,slim ,small space, no noise and no harmful material using for cooling system solution. Highly recommended to thermal sensitive device such as high resolution CMOS/CCD sensor application and also to emitting device which its wavelength need stable to control.

  • TEC(TEC ,TEG, Substrate)
  • CMOS & CCD (31MP,20MP,17MP,12MP CMOS cooling, IR CCD,UV CCD, X-ray CCD, PMT , APD, 1/3”,1/2”,2/3”CCD cooling)
  • TO Can,Butterfly,TOSA ,HHL ,DIL ,MS..)
  • Heat flux sensor
  • Outdoor camera cooling
  • Lidar,Radar Sub-mount )
  • Aero space & Military
  • CPU,GPU,AI small cooling system
  • TEC1010,1515,2020,3030,4040,5050,6060..